Software that monitors social media interactions and gender equality.

Gender Equality Tracker

Past 24 hours about 69 % of the names and pronouns in Swedish news media are male. That's 2.2 mentions of males for every female.

Percent women over time

Last week had the most equal representation of women with about 50 %. Worst were with about 0 %. The current week so far can be viewed below.

Stats for latest 24 hours

Inside parenthesis are the count fraction that the percentage is based on.

Percent international names

Past 24 hours 33 % of the names in Swedish news media were Nordic sounding.

The Twitter Shamebot

Every week our system also tweets the newspaper that ranked best. If you want to help it in its mission to inform about the skewed statistics, feel free to retweet!

About us

Prognosis specializes in small but useful data driven products. We are also available for consultancy work in data analysis and advanced web scraping.